NicFit Vapors E-Liquid

NicFit Vapors Premium E-liquid is manufactured in the U.S.A. by OUR qualified chemists. The supreme character of our E-liquid resides in utilization of only the purest USP Kosher food grade and/or pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

"Every bottle of NicFit Vapors E-liquid is hand crafted using highly accurate measuring devices thereby maintaining an exceptional level of consistency. Furthermore, we will NEVER utilize pre-mixed batches from other manufacturers, as is common practice for nearly the entire E-liquid industry!" - NicFit Vapors

Tobacco Blends Tobacco Blend E-Liquid
Try one of our sweet and savory tobacco blends today. We offer one of the most popular e-liquid tobacco flavors of all time, RY4. Our Midnight Xpress e-liquid is a perfect blend of caramel, butterscotch, and tobacco.
Dessert Flavors Dessert Flavored E-Liquid
Our Dessert flavored e-liquid will satisfy your sweet tooth and eliminate your cravings. We offer several types of New York Style Cheesecake flavored e-liquid. Our apple pie and strawberry cake e-liquids are sure to please.
Fruit Flavors
Fruit Flavored E-Liquid
Our fruit flavored e-liquid is some of the most realistic e-liquids available. Try our amazing strawberry or other traditional flavors including raspberry and dragonfruit, but we also offer unique fruit flavors like nanaberry and raspberry.

Nostalgic Flavored E-Liquid
Our nostalgic flavored e-liquid represent popular flavors of years gone by that could be found in an ice cream truck, cereal box, or candy wrapper. We offer many delicious candy e-liquid flavors such as skittles and fruit stripe gum, along with several popular cereals including Cookie Krisp and Kaptain Krunch Berries.
Popular Beverages
Popular Beverage Flavored E-Liquid
Our beverage flavored e-liquid is some of the best and most popular e-liquids available. We offer a unique variety of flavors ranging from popular energy drinks, soft drinks, and mixed drinks like our Cherry Limeade or Hypnotik.
Do-It-Yourself E-Liquid Supplies Do-It-Yourself E-Liquid Supplies
We sell the best and highest quality Do-It-Yourself e-liquid supplies. Our Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol will provide an excellent base for any e-liquid recipe. We offer USP grade Kosher 100% pure VG and 99.9% PG in many sizes to suit your specific needs.